Plastic Labware and Bottle Packaging

Tissue Culture

Uniplast Plastic Labware Funnel is a basic item in the medical industry. These Funnels are manufactured by Polypropylene which keeps the durability and provides good performance. The Funnel is utilized to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers or boxes with a small opening. Plastic Labware India (Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter) has years of experience in providing the widest range of Plastic Labware Funnels all over the world at affordable price.

Petri Dish Reusable
Coplin Jar
Slide Box (Detachable)
Specimen Jar
Desiccatore (plain)
Stirring Rods, Inoculation-Needle & Loop
Cryo Box
Petri Dish Disposable
Slide Box (HINGED)