Plastic Labware and Bottle Packaging

About us

Welcome to Uniplast® Engineered Specialty Plastics.

UNIPLAST®, established in 1961, As a premier large tonnage injection and blow molder, our mission has always been to develop complete engineered solutions for Labware, Science supply, Biotech and Packaging application. Available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and materials, UNIPLAST has got wide range of products that is suitable for variety of applications.

The UNIPLAST® Labware Catalog contains our most popular products detailing complete specifications and raw material information of our Labware product line. UNIPLAST Bottles - originally designed for demanding lab use - are also excellent for packaging applications. However we offer many other products that are specifically designed with accuracy for packaging and shipping liquid media.

Our products are respected worldwide for their quality and reliability. Today UNIPLAST®, is a renowned name in design, manufacturer and supplier of precision Injection and Blow molded products that are useful in the applications like cell culture, molecular biology, bacteriology,cryopreservation storage,school science, transport and packaging.

With experience of more then three decades, At UNIPLAST® we have graduated in the following areas that we call as our main stregnths:

  • Quality                  : At Uniplast®, we don’t just talk quality, we invest in it. Our years of experience, capabilities are a perfect example of the investment
                                           we make to ensure the highest level of quality for our clients.

  • Capability             : Our experience in the molding, bonding and assembly of labware components and plastic packaging products allows us to be a
                                           one stop shop for Scientific labwares and Packaging Plastic materials.

  • Reliability             : Our commitment to excellent service and delivery is the main reason that has made customer to do Business with us in the past
                                           35 years.

  • Comprehensive   : With presses ranging from 45 to 1400 tons, you can be sure that we will have the right equipment for the job.

  • Flexibility             : Creative solutions like our tooling amortization program, overseas tool sourcing and cost reduction programs make Uniplast more
                                           of a partner than supplier.