Plastic Labware and Bottle Packaging


Here at Uniplast Plastic Labware. we manufacture variety of different types of plastic bottles to meet out end customer needs. Whether you are looking for a packing solution for a product hitting the market or you are taking samples in a lab, we have the exact bottle for you. Our extensive line also includes spray bottles, Reagent Bottles, Drooping Bottles and Wash bottles for the laboratory.

Aspirator Bottles
Dropper Bottles (T.K. TYPE)
Wash Bottle
Wash Bottle Side Dispensor
Self Venting Labeled Wash Bottle
Wash Bottle Wide Mouth
Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle - PP
Narrow Mouth Reagent - HDPE
Narrow Mouth Amber Bottle
Narrow Mouth Reagent - LDPE
Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle - PP
Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles
Wide Mouth Amber Bottle
Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles - LDPE
Wide Mouth Bottle With Handle
Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle - PP
Wide Mouth Chemical - AMIDA
Narrow Mouth Chemical - AMIDA
Water Bottle Animal Feeder
Storage Bottles
Squeeze Bottle Dispensor
Multi Use Container