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As a plastic injection molding processor with more than 40 years experience we advise, develop and produce Lab ware & scientific products to set up Labs, packaging and technical plastic products for different consumer goods industries. In this process we focus on the areas of Lab ware, Education, pharmaceutics, cosmetics and foods. We have a comprehensive standard range of over the counter packaging, which can be customized in terms of the color and the print, but we also provide special solutions if the customer requests this.

UNIPLAST custom plastic fabrication facility manufactures many products for use in Laboratories, Industry and Education.     Engineering capabilities in our New Delhi, India fabrication shop are here to aid you in the design and manufacture of your custom product.
We have extensive experience in clear acrylic fabrication a common material for custom plastic fabrication projects. A few examples of our custom fabrication products include reservoirs,
Tanks: acrylic products & fabricators; acrylic: displays; plastic bags: PVC, HD and PET containers, cabinets, chambers, gears, blow molded plastics; blow molded products; bottles; bottles: blow molded; bottles: plastic; bottles: plastic, laboratory; bottles: plastic, wide mouth; boxes: acrylic; carboys etc and many other industrial and laboratory plastic fabrication items
We would be happy to provide you with a free quotation and any technical assistance you may require throughout your project. E-mail our UNIPLAST@UNIPLAST.US department for further information. UNIPLAST works with virtually all types of plastics, a small list is provided below.
Please establish contact with us!    UNIPLAST@UNIPLAST.US

Commonly Fabricated Plastics:





































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Other Products

Dropping Bottle
Reagent Bottle (Narrow Mouth)
Reagent Bottle (Wide Mouth)
Atomic Model
Wash Bottle
Squeeze Bottle
Urine Culture Bottle
Acrylic Burette
Clamp Burette
Burette Holder
Battery Jar
Lench Lanchee Cell Container
Coplin Jar
Centrifugal Tube (Conical Shape)
Conical Flask
Crape Bandage Container
Plastic Funnels
Funnel Holder
Kipp's Apparatus
Measuring Cylinders (PP)
Measuring Cylinders (Poly Carbonate)
Measuring Jug (With Handle)
Micro Test Tube Stand
Eureka Can Over Flow Vessel
Pipette Stand
Paschel Law Apparatus
Pneumatic Trough
Petri Dish
Plastic Pots for Plantation
Retort Stand (Non Corrosive)
Rain Gauze Cylinder
Seperatory Funnel (With Teflon stopcock)
Seperatory Funnel holder
Siphon Automatic
Slide Box (Hinge Type)
Slide Box (Top Bottom Detachable)
Stopper for Bottles
Speciman Tube
Science Kit
Thistle Funnel
Test Tube Stand
Round Test Tube Stand
Test Tube Racks
Jars for Lab
Urinals Spitoon
Animal Cage (Rat & Mice)
Rack for Petri Dish