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Test Tube Racks

These ingenious rack with a 3- tier design provide clear view of the tube contents & convenient insertion & removal of tubes. THE PP rack is coloured & opaque. These autoclavable Racks can withstand sub- freezing temperatures.

Material : Polypropylene                                              

Catalogue No.
Description Packaging
T1231 For Tube dia 13 mm x 31 Tube 02 Nos.
   T1231A For Tube dia 13 mm x 48 Tube 02 Nos.
 T1232 For Tube dia 16 mm x 31 Tube 02 Nos.
 T1233 For Tube dia 20 mm x 20 Tube 02 Nos.
    T1234    For Tube dia 25 mm x 12 Tube 02 Nos.



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